MIKI MALÖR - Performance. Radical Theater.

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Theater, Installation, Video Film,
Exhibition, Network Art.

Two people come together each day for exactly the same half hour over a period of 60 days.

Actor / Actress; Photo: Armin Bardel

You can visit these people, get to know them, and keep in touch with them.

These people are subject to certain rules, which are determined each day anew by a committee.

How will their relationship develop?

Actor: Miguel Ángel Gaspar
Actress: Miki Malör
Medial Production: „Wasserhaus”
Committee: Hagnot Elischka, Vienna
Claudia Mader, Mexico City
XXX, Tokyo
Time, Place: April/May 2001
Hannah’s Plan, Vienna
Film Gala Presentation: 31st May 2001
Links:Project’s homepage with the rules and photos of all 60 performances, as well as several videos.

ORF Ö1 Leporello [4:01 1.1MB]
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