MIKI MALÖR – Performance. Radical Theater.

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Miki Malör’s
100 Objects to Represent Theatre

Photo: Miguel Ángel Gaspar

A list as theatre piece.
A game. A panopticum.
A dance of things.

Formal. Theoretical. Meticulous.
Ironic. Emotional. Funny.

An inventory of contemporary stage presentation, a work about semiotic levels of meaning, a reflection about miscellaneous aesthetic approaches, and not least a very personal show of the Malörian object universe.

100 objects act up. Which objects would you have chosen?

Developed byDavid Ender, Anne Frütel, Miguel Ángel Gaspar, Miki Malör, Gerda Schorsch, Red White
Director, musicMiguel Ángel Gaspar
Video installationEva Hausberger, Helmut Schütz
GraphicsFranz Ablinger
Public relationsSKYunlimited
Subsidized byKulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, bm:ukk
 Time, placeNovember 4th to 14th, 2009; daily 8:30 p.m. (except So/Mo)
KosmosTheater, Vienna
In the foyerOn performance dates from 7 p.m.
On the occasion of her 25-year stage anniversary Miki Malör is showing all her works in a video installation.
Indulge yourself in memories!

Photo: Eva Hausberger

Acrobat PDF 1.4 Public relations text (German) Press photos

Photo: Miguel Ángel Gaspar Photo: Bettina Frenzel Photo: Thomas Gramanitsch
Photo: Bettina Frenzel Photo: Bettina Frenzel Photo: Bettina Frenzel