MIKI MALÖR – Performance. Radical Theater.

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Razor Bee [logo]HONEY or
What Would Become of the Bee without the Beekeeper?

Four men are playing on their bagpipes. Who is afraid?

In what do you believe?—In this, that the weights of all things must be determined anew.

Friedrich NietzscheThe Gay Science
Third Book, 269 (1882)

A survey.

With David Ender, Jack Hauser, Amadeus Kronheim, Hannes Lengauer, Miki Malör
Performances in the course of“Wonderful and Finaly”
Museumsquartier, July 1996
“Pandora 2”
dietheater Konzerthaus, January/February 1997
“Some Strange Austrian Performance Art I – Female Solo Choreography”
Museumsquartier, July 1997

HONEY is a part of ANIMA, a feminist performance cycle comprising four independent performances.