MIKI MALÖR – Performance. Radical Theater.

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A Room of One’s Own

Performance for a Cave Diving Session in Full Gear

“To all who want to enter an underwater cave, beware. The environment is unforgiving.
When a human being enters an alien environment such as underwater / underground, she must rely first on her intelligence and her knowledge, and second on her equipment for survival.
Cave diving, by its very nature, presents us with a potentially hostile environment. Divers exploring this realm must be responsible for their actions and knowledgeable of the cave habitat. Safe exploration requires discipline, awareness, sacrifice, and determination. Caves present a challenging yet sinister habitat. Even the best among us have come, stayed awhile, and left forever.
If you accept this position, you will discover an exciting, challenging and motivating form of living.”

Tom MountIANTD
Student Manual & Workbook
for Safer Cave Diving (1995)

With Miki Malör, Abu Thill, Helmut Schütz
Performances in the Scope of“MACHT ANSTALTEN”
Kein Theater im kosmos
April 2003

DECOMPRESSION STOP is a part of ANIMA, a feminist performance cycle comprising four independent performances.