MIKI MALÖR – Performance. Radical Theater.

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Dog Pee [logo]STANDING UP
A Monument, a Woman and a Lot of Water.

A woman adjusts her high-pressure garden hose with water regulator stop.

Children are playing on the coasts of eternal worlds.

Rabindranath Tagorecit. in D.W. Winnicott
Playing and Reality (1971)

Nothing under the sun is softer and more compliant than water.
However nothing can better undermine that which is solid and strong;
Nothing is comparable.
That which is soft can overcome that which is hard.
That which is flexible can overcome that which is inflexible.
Every woman under the sun knows this,
however no one takes advantage of it.

LaotseTao Te King, Chapter 78 (4th century B.C.)

A Provocation.

With João de Bruço, David Ender, Jack Hauser, Hannes Lengauer, Miki Malör
Performances in the course of“PANDORA”
dietheater Konzerthaus
February 1997

STANDING UP is a part of ANIMA, a feminist performance cycle comprising four independent performances.